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Are there any recommended button mappings for the Extreme 3D Pro to save a long period of trial and error please?

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Thanks, but not quite what I had in mind.

I was looking for a mapping list that said "Assign Dashboard to key x"; "Assign Flaps up to key 5"; "Assign flaps down to key 6" and so on.

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I think you better post on their forum for what you want.


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This is long dead and buried, i'm sure, but I'll post anyway for those that might end up here from a search. I would've been very, very happy to find this when I first started FSX:

Hat Switch: View (pan)
1: Wheel Brakes
2: View (next category)
3: Elevator trim up
4: Elevator trim down
5: Arm spoiler
6: Spoiler extend/retract
7: drop object/undecided
8: Map display/hide
9: + flaps incremental
10: Undecided
11: - flaps incremental
12: Gear up/down

(I don't claim this to be ideal whatsoever, and I'm sure there's 987,634 configurations that are better, this just naturally 'fell into place' over the span of 3 months.)


Thanks for posting! Gave me some ideas.

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