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Hello! i have problem in microsoft flight. My camera just randomly switch around plane and i cant change its view! Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you

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Microsoft Flight isn't released. If you have a problem with the beta, submit it to either the Connect page, or the beta discussion board.


I am having the same issue, the camera is just random changing around and i cant do anything about it. Anyone know what to do?

Flighterer Guest

same here
on mission with yellow boeing


And the worst part is.. there is no way of contacting microsoft flight crew for any support. Now what kind of company is that? I have read all the handbooks and FAQ but there is no answer for our problem unless someone here know about a solution. The only solution i see is a total reinstall of the game, but that is not fixing the problem.. it just set it to the side a littlebit.
But I dont even know if microsoft flight is worth a reinstall...

bobixaboxa Guest

hi i have the same problem...i can play but the camera ist switching randomly and i cant do anything pls help :/


I have the same problem,..
Even deinstalling/reinstalling didn't change this issue.
Anyone ever found a solution? Even adding new keys for changing cameras didn't help.


The Camera fix for PC:

Explore toC:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Flight\Players[RANDOM CHARS]\Career\CurrentSituation
Locate the file "CurrentSituation.FLT" and open it with notepad.
Go down to [Camera.1.6] and set Locked to False.
Save file, open mission.


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