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OK i've downloaded some good aircraft for FS2004, and i was wondering if anyone who creates models takes any suggestions on their paintjobs.

Reason is, I'm a big delta fan, and i've flown them for years, and i wanted to fly them in FS2004.... so far i've got a 737, and a 717...

it'd be great if someone would make a 767 and a 777 and MD-80 or 90 delta version (new colors) (or simply paintjobs for existing models... )

(a 747 would be cool too, even though i know they dont fly 747s)

Also a crj-200 or -700 (or 900, since there already exist one, but in some other livery) in the delta connection colors.

I would take existing planes and tweak them for my own private flying, but i havent the slightest idea how to create paintjobs)

It's not a big thing, but if someone's wanting ideas.. well there's a few!!

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Try it, we have a member davec who just started and is doing a super job.


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Dj, i've left a PM you may find useful!

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