iFly Boeing 737 speed problems

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Dies ist das erste Mal, das ich etwas in einem Forum poste, doch diesmal bräuchte ich wirklich etwas Hilfe von euch...
Und zwar, es geht wie oben schon beschrieben um die iFly 737. Anfangs hatte ich keine Probleme mit ihr, doch jetzt verhält sie sich recht komisch.
Wenn ich den Take-off beginne, beschleunigt sie in ca. 5-6 sec auf 120kts und schon nach einem viertel des RWY hebt sie ab.
Das gleiche passiert beim Landen, nur ist es hier umgekehrt: ich beginne die Flaps auszufahren, wo sie viel zu viel auftrieb bekommt und ich die geschwindigkeit auf 100-110 kts drosseln muss um landen zu können.

Könnt ihr mir vielleicht helfen

Schon mal danke im voraus Wink


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This is the first time that I post something on a forum, but this time I really needed some help from you ...
And indeed, it is as already described for the 737th iFly At first I had no problems with it, but now it behaves quite funny.
When I start the take-off, it accelerates in about 5-6 seconds to 120kts and after a quarter of them takes off RWY.
The same thing happens when landing, but it is vice versa: I begin to extend the flaps, where she gets way too much buoyancy, and the slow speed I at 100-110 kts to be able to land.

Can you help me

Ever grateful in advance Wink


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Are you using the FMC, flight director, and VNAV prior to take off? I fly manually on take off until I reach 1000 feet before I turn on VNAV and autopilot....

But its been awhile since I transitioned from iFly 737s to the PMDG 737s.

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thanks for your reply..🙂
I'm using the iFly 737 without FMC, I just fly it automatically
Can it be, that the flaps make the problem?
It would be very great if you could help me....

Sorry for my english;)

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I have a problem with my Ifly 737. When I start flying my altitude panel shows total nonsense. As I know all aviation uses feets as an altitude unit.
My panel shows meters and I just dont know how to change the altitude measure units from meters to feets.

Can anybody help with this?

Thanks in advance


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To turn off the METERS reading, in the panel called EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System), there are 4 knobs and 2 small black buttons in between them, Click the right hand one which saus MTRS above it, this will turn meters off or on (but they usually show together)

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