Addons not showing in my plane list

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4. Copy the aircraft folder to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes.... Can anyone help me, after doing this properly on my pc, I still couldnt see the airplanes add ons I addons as per instruction. Im so desperate to see this model on my pc to enjoy my FSX. Please help anyone. Thank you. 😞

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Go to that list and look for the box "show all variations", put a checkmark in it and you'll see all the aircraft.


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I also have many aircraft that do not show up. Have checked the config and texture files. All variations checked. All seem to be in order???

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On some of my aircraft, the screenshot does not match the describition, ie: description is EMB-120 and screenshot is of a Europa XS Trike. 😞 Could anyone please offer help? Thanks in advance.

Rick in Colorado

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