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I downloaded The f4u7 corsair ALPHA BLEU CIEL and unzipped it. I opened the gauge folder and pasted it into the gauge folder and did the same with the effects file. When I select the f4u7 into flightsim X it comes up but the windows are completly blacked out, you can not see out of the cockpit. When I open the cockpit canopy everything outside the aircraft shows perfectley except for any place there is a window. That area is still blacked out. When I go to the outside view everything is perfect the windows show transparent and the aircraft is awesome, (especially the quantico selection) I can fly the aircraft from outside and even from inside as long as I can see out the side through the open canopy. Got any Ideas on a fix? Thanks Dan:

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Since you are posting an FSX related query in the FS2004 forum, I wonder if you are trying to install the un-modified FS2004 Corsair into FSX... Umm...

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