side winder joystick pulls to right side

kousik Guest

HI friends,
When i plug in my sidewinder joystick to my comp,2 things happen.
1.the airplane s nose wheel fully turns to right side.
2.the yoke in the virtual view cockpit turns to right and remains there.
All these happens with the stick in neutral position.PLs help.M using it in windows 7 and it was working fine before.Aftr this trouble started , i tried my joystick in another comp,its working fine.Also have reinstalled fs2004 twice.
What ive not done is reinstalling my o/s.

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Marc Wheeler (CXA001) Trainee

You probabably need to calibrate your joystick on the computer that is giving you this issue.

Also, make sure that you plug in your joystick before starting FS.

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