can some one recommend a good CH rudder pedal?

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I need a realistic and cost effective rudder pedal, with USB and compatible with XP home and my current side winder joystick which has the twist rudder capability. I know CH products are the best, can some one give a recommendation? Thanks in advance

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I havn't had a lot of experience with rudder pedals but i do enjoy the CH rudder pedals. The spring action is nice and sturdy, toe-down brakes are actually pressure sensitive, so you're not just automatically doing full-breaking, and they do add a nice level of realism. My only complaint is that it's easy for dirt/dust to get into the tracks that the rudders operate on, but it's hard to get the dirt back out!

Having rudder pedals is a big change in how you fly/taxi. I found myself OVER ruddering all the time when I first bought them! Good luck when you get them!

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CH pedals are great, over priced, but the best you can buy. As Grunge said, you won't get more realistic than these. the best part is that they are USB, and require virtually no effort to get working. Your XP puter will find them right away and you are good to go. As far as price, I hear that everyone can afford them, even our worst criminals. You know, people like edit Radar , O.J., Scott Peterson, and most of our edit Radar .

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cool, this is what I am getting......
FYI, amazon is selling it for 98 dollars, while CH sells for 150 bucks

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and in europe, simware sells them for 220 bucks Evil or Very Mad 😞

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