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crosscheck9 Guest

for all of you real pilots out there, i just wanted to ask, do most of you like your jobs. Sorry, i dont mean to get personal, but for a while now, i've wanted to become a pilot. Im still young but I really think thats what's meant for me. My mother, on the other hand, disagrees. She says I'll regret it. I just wanted to see what you all think. Happy holidays and HAPPY FLYING

wannabepilot_will Guest

Id also like to know the answer to that!

Im a keen flightsim pilot and i always wanted to do it for a career, but unfortunately im slightly colour blind 😞

And another question, would i still be able to fly as a private pilot if i am colour blind? does anyone know?


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PH First Officer

Difficult question to answer but I guess as with every job it depends on your employer/boss. Being a pilot is certainly not what it used to... be no lengthy layovers not as many perks etc. Some airlines pay less than others, some pay peanuts but become a captain on a heavy and enjoy the rewards! If however you love flying and you are getting paid for doing what you love, what could be better! The hours are erratic, sometimes long and when things go wrong (tech problems) and you were supposed to be home 12 hours ago it is hard. On the plus side you do not work 9-5 Mon to Fri can only work 900hrs in a year and get cheap holidays. It costs a lot certainly in the UK for the training unless you are sponsored (cost me 35,000 pounds). I am trained to ATPL but am currently unemployed in aviation but do freelance work. I my opinion it is worth doing.
Wannabe Will- depends on which country you are in.

wannabepilot_will Guest

I am in Guernsey, Channel Islands (UK)

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I would suggest ringing one of the flight schools local to you to check on the latest JAA regs regarding colour blindness. Other option is to phone the CAA at Gatwick and speak to medical department. I am pretty sure you can do PPL if not there is always NPPL, flying school will be able to help I am sure.

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