Need Help - FS9 crashes in Daytime

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Ok, I know this, but to me it should have been unrelated. I hand remover a old version of Traffic 2004 that had updates. I got tired of the poor looking AI Aircraft. In the process I had to delete the AI craft from the aircraft folders-all were named My***
I also had some files that I had to assume were related to it all simply because of name and date.
When I restarted the sim, the AI planes were no longer coming upp under aircraft choices (GOOD), but I hit a test flight at night at KSEA--Everything loaded up fine, except there were NO AI at all-nothing. That too was Ok with me, as I am planning to buy and install a newer better AI system. But here is where I hit the big problem, I then reset it to go fly at another airport where it was daytime. While loading up the terrain-screen went black--CRASH! I tried this at several places--
I then started off at early dawn in at a airport that was dead stock, as soon as the sun began to near rising - BLACK Screen CRASH.

SO what I have is a flightsim that will NOT run at any time except NIGHT.

Obviously something got screwed up with reading the scenery files? I checked the AF2 files, they are there- I need some sort of help on this as I have no ideas what to do to fix it.

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Drop in disk #1 and choose repair.
If that doesn't to it you will have to uninstall it the Microsoft way and reinstall it.
Let us know how you do.


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