Improve FS2004 Graphic by a Factor of X2


Hi all I have written a new FS9.cfg file tweak that improves the displayed ground textures and building by a factor of at least x2 for full details document of how to set up FS9 to use more of the computer resources on a modern PC, just visit my wed site, its free, and it really moves the ten year old sim into this decade
Also works in FSX but only scant feed back data as yet.

Happy Landings Howard
Howards Mix/The Natural World scenery

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wow that looks cool ill try it out!!!


Sorry my dyslexia at work again
Just to clarify a point the X2 refers to the X2 scale for the terrain textures and not the end visual result, although you will see a marked improvement this will vairy with different hardware and software
today I have no feed back from FSX

enjoy Howard

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