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My name is Jacob I am A real world CFI, CFII, and MEI. I am a member of KEUG virtual and have been flying for 5 years im 21. I have 300 hrs and over 3000 hrs in FSX. I would like to offer everyone willing to join a chance at being taught one on one or in a group session with my self and Charlie( the owner). We are not like other FSX groups we are on here to teach people real world training in order to help you with a real pilots license or even just a PPL on FSX. We offer ground school FOR FREE to all of our members. We are the first of our kind so we are trying to set the bar for future FBOs. We give you a chance to fly with us as students and allow you to take a virtual check ride to earn your Virtual Private Pilots License. We grade on the FAA and Microsoft flight simulator check ride standards. So come on over to Digital themepark TS. We are based off of this 24hour server. Or check us out at We would love to have you and give you a shot at learning the real deal.

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