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When I want to start a MP session within FS2004 the program is chrassing.
With Ivao I can play in MP but cant start in FS. Controllers can identify my plane but I can't see the other pilots and they can't see me. I start multiplaying in FS with SB realy but FS can't find the session and shuts off.

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Hello bo2jazz
1. Have you tried using SBrelay??
2. Surfed the internet to a good "how to connect to an atc network with FS2004 , sbrelay and squawkbox tutorial ?

On the website of and or
you can find some excelent tutorials, to get rid of your FS2004 <-> ATC connection problem

Have a save flight

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Hi Ronald,
Thx for your reply. I use SBrelay. The prob is that I can connect to IVAO and play the game, but without FS Multiplayer. All the usual progs are working oke (e.g SB). But when I want a MP connect via FS9 the programm stalls and I have to start everything again.


JDD Guest that is....

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