Bouncing aircraft when using Airport Flight Planner 2

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Hi All... I have been having problems with various aircraft bouncing all over the place when they are at a standstill when using the program Airport Flight Planner 2. The program doesn't cause all aircraft to bounce but only certain one's. I am using FSX in Windows 7. I never saw this in FS9 however. AFP2 has the aircraft in a static position somewhere at the airport and it appears when flight time has arrived is when it starts to bounce slowly and gradually get into very bad bouncing left and right and up and down. It can however start to bounce before flight time has arrived. Has anyone else run into this. I checked some of the forums but didn't find anything. My machine is a quad core processor with 2 Gig of ram on the video card and 16 Gig in the system with an 3.8 Gig processor.

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