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I am thinking of getting Ultimate Traffic, but looking at my frame rates at the moment, I don't no whether it is a good idea, sometimes it gets as low as 5 FPS, but is normally around 16 Confused . I have 'average' settings in the Display panel in FS. Will it slow the game down even more, and is there anything I can download to make it faster Embarassed (As you can probably gather I don't no much about PC specs Laughing )

Windows XP Home
2.67 GHz
Intel Pentium 4
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
512 MB of RAM

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your system is good, you could use more ram but that 5200 is slowing you down, it's not too good a card and I'm not an NVIDIA expert TTT is.
Ultimate Traffic will slow you down if you run it at 100%.
Shut off the water and shadows, keep the scenery and autogen at default or less, and the clouds should be as low as you can stand.
You should be able to get some more speed out of that card, but not much.


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XFX 5900 card

If in doubt about UT - get it now!
I am difficult to impress, but sheesh! I spent the first 3 days just parked on the verge at the side of EGLL 9L just watching the different carriers coming and going!

Usually have FPS locked at 30, flying around EGLL in the Bell helo at 100 feet looking at the parked / taxiing planes brings it down to 25.

Tip - If (when) you invest, d/l the British airways "World Tails" and get UT to use them. Truely spectacular!

PS no I am not employed by Flight 1 marketing!

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If your not sure about your PCs performance try the free traffic prog Arrow

Download as much as you want/can,the more you d/l the more traffic and airlines you see
Its not as sophisticated as the payware progs in that you will not be able to shedule traffic,but you can d/l fairly accurate flight plans for different airlines
I used to use it,and d/loaded just about everything (just d/l the airlines/aircraft that you would see in your area) and things used to get pretty busy

I waited for UT to come out in the UK,but the date kept being pushed back,so I opted for Traffic2004
I like it and was toying with trying UT (a mate of mine has it) but if I turn my traffic up above 75% you cant take off and you cant land because its just too much
Ive seen it run on his PC and I think they are much the same

T2004 has a flight scheduler which can use any aircraft in your folder,handy if you fly for a VA as you can input them to fly the VA routes
Radar has UT and he can give you any info on that Someone else has My Traffic I think its OrlandoGeorge but not 100% sure on that and I can answer any questions on T2004 and Project AI

Here are links to the three payware sites Arrow

Hope it helps

Planepranger Guest

Another great site for AI traffic is The planes (for me) are easier to install, plenty of choice, and I like their sense of humour!

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