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You know I have tried many downloads on here and have gotten 0 to work I have tried to follow instuctions to the best of my ability which is obviously sub par here. It is now 6am EDST and I have been up all night just trying to get a repaint on the X CRJ . NOW I get access to MSFX etc etc denied with no explination. God Love you guys, but you write this stuff like we are all computer geeks now we are airplane geeks! Please make the instuctions on a 3rd grader level or like you explaining to mom. I don't get any of this and now I have aperently corrupted my CRJ file the does not come up at all. A little help for this idiot please. Sorry about the spelling! 😞 😞

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Here is our "official" texture add-on tutorial, good luck.
Scroll down a little.


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Just tried to download some of the top 20 'freebies'.....not possible! All I get from the 'Installer Package" is an error message , saying the file is faulty....on 4 that I have tried?

Any suggestions?


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Give us links to the ones that are giving you problems so we can try.


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