Problems with 767 Level D

djomla Guest


i have installed new 767 level D a few days ago, and I noticed some problems with it, so i was wondering if someone can help me. First of all, when I start descent and try to select landing runway in FMC, flight simulator freezes...and eventually crash...

Another problem that I face is that I cannot tune some frequencies in VOR1 and VOR2. For example, I can tune 111. 15, but the next available is not 111.20, 111.25, or 111.30, but only 111.40! In other words, it skips many frequencies...

Does anyone have similar problems, and know how to fix it?

Any comments appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 Have you checked the Level D forum ❓ ➡

djomla Guest

Well...I tried, but it seems that access to Level D forum is restricted, so I could not get in, even though I registered.


If you regestered correctly,then you should recieve an email with a link to activate your account.
Check your in box or deleted emails for it
If not you will have to email Level D to resend it

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Yip - the problem with the FMC ARR page (entering the Runway) is definately covered on the forum, and I'm sure theres a patch..... I've had no issues at all like that with mine, so not sure if you somehow have an older version - maybe it's just the luck of the draw.


Rick Lee Guest

Recent addition to the avsim library:

File Description:
A guide to starting up the Level-D 767, from cold & dark to ready to taxi. Complete with pictures, the guide is designed to get new pilots into the air as quickly as possible.

License: Freeware
Added: 21st April 2005
Downloads: 1037
Author: John Bolch
Size: 753kb

Regards, Rick 🙂

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