Boeing 777 missing some parts

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I'm having trouble with a file designed by Melvin Rafi.
File name is GV77FSX. Originally when loaded and run the main body was pure white! I've managed to solve that by tweaking gfx settings but the engines are missing (no turbine blades just casings) and I have landing gear with no wheels or tyres! Makes take off & landing more interesting though. Can you guys help or do I need to contact them direct?

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Try shutting down, autogen, shadows, clouds and scenery.
Yes the Sim will look like crap but this way we see if it's your video card.
If the card isn't strong enough to display the missing parts when everything is on it should show them with everything off.
If you do see a complete aircraft then bring up your settings slowly or get a better card.


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Thx for the reply.
I have a similar file for the same aircraft in different livery - qu77fsx - and that runs just fine so I don't think it's related to settings?
My card is an Asus EAH 6850 DC.
I'm guessing something is missing or got corrupted and if I knew what to look for I could maybe copy it over ?

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