How to install FSX SP2?????

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Um so I'm looking forward to getting the REX Extreme and GSX add-ons for FSX but both requires to have sp2 installed so I downloaded the SP2 from but after it finished it just
says this:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2 requires the English version of FSX

The point is, I have it but it's just in my hardrive and I'd created a copy of FSX deleted most of my add-on planes to fit in my program files but still doesn't works

Pls help me with this problem guys TNX!!!

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Here is the cure for that.

If your going to add SP1 then SP2 it is always better to start with a fresh install of FSX.

The best way I've found to add them is to buy The Acceleration Pack (or FSX Gold) which has them both (SP1 and SP2) built in, it loads smoothly and I have never had the usual problems that other seem to run into just loading them separately.


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