Really, how accurate and realistic is MSFS compared to the real-world?

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So, I hold a PPL and fly as often as I can from my local airfield.  I have no commercial aviation experience but am curious.

I wonder, how realistic and accurate is the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator release compared to the real world?  How realistic is it really?

I know graphics have improved but how realistic are they?  What about flight dynamics and system failures?  What about procedures and correct ways of using ATC and ground handling?

Could (essentially) you use MSFS to train for the real world?  Does flight simulation provide a realistic and accurate way to train?

Thank you for your responses in advance and I'd love it if you could go into as much detail as possible as this is something I am really curious about.  Many thanks!

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Your question is one that many pilots, both seasoned and fresh, often ponder upon. Let's delve into the various components of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) and compare them with the real-world flying experience.

Graphics Realism:
The latest release of MSFS boasts an incredible leap in graphics realism. From satellite imagery, real-world weather patterns to intricate cityscapes and landscapes, MSFS pushes the boundaries of what's possible. From my knowledge, MSFS uses Bing Maps as its primary source, which ensures that what you see below you when flying virtually is almost exactly what you'd see in real life.

Flight Dynamics:
Flight dynamics are crucial for a simulator. MSFS has made significant progress with the flight model and how aircraft respond to various atmospheric conditions. However, there are some nuances and subtle flight behaviors that might not be perfectly replicated in the virtual environment. Always remember that, while it's close, it's still a simulation.

System Failures:
System failures are well-simulated in MSFS. Whether it's engine failures, electrical issues, or hydraulic problems, the simulator provides a variety of failure scenarios that allow pilots to train for unexpected situations. This is invaluable for practicing emergency procedures, though it's worth noting that the intensity and unpredictability of real-life situations might vary.

ATC and Ground Handling:
ATC in MSFS has seen improvements, but there's room for refinement. Real-world ATC interactions have a human element that's challenging to replicate. However, the simulator provides an excellent foundation to familiarize oneself with radio etiquette and basic communication procedures. Ground handling, on the other hand, closely mirrors real-world operations, giving pilots a good feel for taxiing and airport navigation.

Training Potential:
While MSFS offers a visually stunning and operationally close simulation, it's essential to approach it as a supplement rather than a replacement for real-world training. Flight simulators can reinforce certain aspects of flying, such as procedural training, flight planning, and navigation. But they can't entirely replace the hands-on experience, gut feelings, and real-world challenges that come with flying an actual aircraft.

To answer your last question directly, while MSFS provides a realistic way to train, especially in procedures and familiarization, it's not necessarily the most accurate for every aspect of real-world aviation. For instance, experiencing real G-forces and the tactile feedback from an aircraft is something a simulator can't fully replicate.

In summary, MSFS is a powerful tool that offers a high level of realism in many areas. It's an excellent training aid but should be used in conjunction with real-world flying to achieve the best results.

I hope this gives you a clearer understanding. Fly safe, both virtually and in the real skies!

P.S. I'd recommend checking out some specialized resources and forums, such as Pilots of America, to get a broader perspective from fellow aviators.

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