Hopefully someone can help me out here. I am trying to download and install the 2d window panel view. The website states that there is folder inside this file called "Window.bmp" and that it will be there when you download it. Well it isn't there for me. For some reason that folder has failed to download with the file. I need this folder in order to make the 2d Panel work. I have deleted and re-downloaded this file multiple times and it keeps happening. Does anyone have any suggestions and or has anyone had the same problem? Please let me know what I may need to do to get it or can someone with the file downloaded correctly for them maybe send me a copy of their files. I thank you in advance 🙂 .


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Scroll part way down this page and see if it's what you want.




Yes I tried downloading both of those and neither of them had the file "window.bmp" that I needed.

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