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Hi, just curious if anyone knows of any guide defining how to install autothrottle to FS2004 aircraft. Have downloaded a great turboprop and would like to install autothrottle (speed control) to the panel in the same fashion default Boeing aircraft have it.
Assuming I would need to download some gauges also. Please let me know.

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Hey there,

Take a look on the downloads section

You just need to find a panel that has a Autothorttle button, If you like the current panel, check the control's at flight sim, you can prob turn the autothorttle on from there,

Maybe try looking for a ATR panel of some sort, or a larger prop aircraft and you should find what you are looking for


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beroun First Officer

Hi Matt,
Thanks for this but I probably would need more detailed explanation on how to install the autothrottle. I am familiar with gauges install, have successfully installed GPWS and Ground Handling to my aircraft, so know the logistics. Also know how to position switches to panel and so on. But somehow to install the full autothrottle functionality would need a more knowhow. So again any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks again,

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beroun First Officer

have actually resolved this. Installed the default Lear autopilot with autothrottle and did few adjustments in aircraft cfg and the AP, complete with the autothrottle works great in my turboprop.
Thanks anyway to those who might have looked into this.

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