B737-800 Air Scheffel Checking Trims

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Is there anybody who can inform how I can check the trims at the end of the cockpit preparation list?...
I cannot find a handle nor a switch or whatever to check at the end of the cockpit preparation procedure the trims and hence get an OK.

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See if this helps.


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Thanks for your reply and the link you sent me!
Unfortunayely the panels in that ERJ are very different from those in my B737-800 and I could not realy conclude from your video what exactly I have to do in my siyuation....
Thanks anyway!
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See if this makes it.

1. Battery on, verify electric hydraulic B pump switch is off
2. APU bleed off if not, verify engine bleed switches off
3. Aft. fuel pump no. 1 on, low pressure lights verify off
4. Apu switch on
5. Apu Gen off light must be on
6. Apu gen switches both to on, verify transfer bus light, bus off light, standbypower light going off
7. 1 minute pause until hook up the pneumatics,
8. Apu bleed air on, isolation valve auto, left or right pack auto or high
9. Check landig gear lever down, check flap lever agree with flaps position indicator
10. Both engine bleed switches on, normally left on
11. Turn on all fuel pump switches
12. Hydraulic A pump switches off, hydraulic B pump switches on
13. Beacon on
14. Both pack switches off, packs off pressure goes up
15. Isolation valve auto, check
16. Verify duct pressure 30 psi
17. Left engine starter switch to ground
18. Verify duct pressure decreases
19. Hydraulics press A stays zero
20. Oil pressure increases
21. N2 25% - Engine start lever to idle, keep fingers on the lever until you can verify N1 rotation
22. EGT increases within 10 seconds
23. At N2 46% starter switch cutoff, automatically, verify
24. 17. to 21. for the right engine
25. Both engine gen to on, verify amber bus off lights are off
26. Hydraulic A pump switches to on
27. Apu off
28. Pitot heat switches on
29. Engine de-ice on, when conditions are given
30. Both pack switches auto
31. Isolation valve auto, check
32. Both engine bleed switches to on, verify
33. Apu bleed switch off, verify dual bleed light is going off
34. FLT/Ground switch to FLT, can find that here (please elaborate Olli?)

Or You Tube.


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Hey! Radarman,
This helped me completely! Many thanks for your assistence.

This is a very good video, from start to push back and start of engines.
Is there a following video, which shows also the other procedures built in in the Scheffel B737? I would love to see those as well.
Anyhow, many thanks again!
Jive1 - Belgium

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Glad it did the trick.
Click on his name and that will take you to his main page, that's where the listing of all the videos he's made will be.
If there isn't one you could always join his site and PM him.


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