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Hi guys,

I've got a question.

Whilst flying an IFR flight I engage AP, to give me some time to prepare my approach. AP trims the plane for level flight. But when I take over the controls from autopilot, how can I center the trims? There no trim wheels on my panels.

Is there a way to center all the trims?


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I've looked but was not able to find a way to center the trims with one keystroke or assignment command. Elevator trim is used often in flight so you should assign two buttons or a HAT switch on your controller to operate elevator trim. I don't recommend it but you can use the number pad keys to adjust trim. (Num Lock off) 1 trims nose up and 7 trims nose down. 🙂

p.s. Check in Virtual Cockpit, you may see the trim wheel.

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Thanks for replying,

I don't have a VC. Currently I'm flying the Project Open Sky Boeing 737-700 Transavia with a panel I downloaded from Avsim. It doesn't come with a VC. I also tried to change the 737 in to an aircraft that does show trim wheels, and then change the aircraft back tot the 737 again. But that didn't work. I can see the Elevator trim though.

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Al right, I solved my problem. 😀

If anyone else ever wonder how to center your trims simply go to 'select aircraft' and choose the same aircraft that you were flying. You'll continue your flight in the same plane with the same configurations but with all the trims centered... weird...

Be well


I think Shift+6 brings up the trim wheel!!

If not that key combination, try any Shift+ any number

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