*New-FS2004 Air Scheffel Boeing 737-800w

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Although I don't fly "big iron" this looks quite nice.

FS2004 Air Scheffel Boeing 737-800w. This package includes high-res panels, photorealistic cockpit-/cabin-/wing-views, unique (auto) checklist with speech, nearly 200 sounds, working APU, fuel dump and working TFT's in the passengers cabin. Also as many effects as possible: heat blur, fuel dump, rain wash and engine fire. Model (Erick Cantu) included. With setup.exe or manual install if preferred.

I have been working on a new and improved version of the
"Air Scheffel" B738:

- A new and UNIQUE (semi-) automatic checklist with speech.
- In total almost 200 sounds are used
- Much more realistic engine fire effect
- The safety slideshow has been replaced by a short video
- Max speed barberpole works now
- Improved flight dynamics
- Nosewheel doesn't sink into the ground anymore
- Many other improvements and/or bugfixes
50.55 MB



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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Thanks for the heads up RadarMan - I've been flying 737s quite a bit recently. It looks like a detailed addon! Downloading now...

Thanks 🍻

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bonespost Trainee

a top download thanks 😀

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astraGTE Trainee

nie find downloading that now looks very nice

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