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villarinino Guest

Hi all,
we are pleased to inform you that we have released on the part. 1 of our Antarctica Mesh Scenery "Antarctica4XPlane" and dozens of Research Base Station sceneries. This first part covers substantially the Antarctic Peninsula from the South Orkney Islands down to 73 S and many other areas will follow: those interested can download it for free starting from our website (we recommend to follow our website to stay up to date on the release of the mesh and sceneries of the Bases).
We wish you happy holidays and good flights.
Matthias, Nino and Paolo

You can find SS here:


Paolo began issuing the first Bases
you can find Marambio here:
and Rothera here:

You can always find an updated information on the Bases of research carried out or are being realized from our website:

Nino Villari Guest

Hey all,
Paolo has published two new Bases
More and updated informations about the Bases in our website, here:

NinoVillari Guest

Hi all,
we have achieved two seasonal replacements of the Planet map: you can download them here:

Nino Villari Guest

Hi all,
we are pleased to inform you that our projects Antarctica (Part 1) by maps2xplane (mesh scenery) and AT01 EGAR Rothera Station by palple (Base sceneries) are in best sceneries of January 2016 contest.
If those who have downloaded the sceneries (that are to date, 733 in and 48 in FlightSim) have appreciated our work, they could vote on them as best sceneries.
Thank you

Nino Villari Guest

A few days ago appeared an interesting interview with Matthias relative to our project on

Antarctica4XPlane Part. 2 Guest

Hello to all,
we are pleased to announce that it has added another slice of Antarctica showing that we trust to your liking: Matthias has released Antarctica4XPlane Part. 2: This second part covers the Victoria Land and the northern part of the Transantarctic Mountains up to 80 S.
You can download here:
Meanwhile Paolo has completed a number of sceneries for Part 1 and Part 2, downloadable here:
(Deployment will occur in the near WE so I'll update this post as soon as possible by pressing the corresponding link)
Finally I mark I started a work of systematization of information available on the web with regard to these bases in Antarctica: the aim is also to propose to the Antarctica4XPlane users to make one part.
The data that I have collected may be useful in this sense and the link to the topic that I prepared in .org forum is this:
We wish you good flights.

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