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My computer has been working slow. Would this help quicken the pace?

It's a 512MB memory stick.

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It has to be the exact same speed memory that you have now or you will run into problems.
Yes it will help, your textures will render faster and more can be done with the computer, you can never have too much memory.


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That's just the problem I'm having, Radarman, the textures take forever to load. I'm going to get the 512MB.

BTW- Did you see the 1GB card?!?!? Who would need that much memory? lol

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I forgot to say.....

Does downloading planes slow up the computer?

I also forgot to say.....

Won't it be nice when I get my memory stick and my Saitek Flight Stick & Throttle? Then my computer will be the best 😀 😂 😉 Yes 👍 😁

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Me, I'd love to have 2 gig of ram but I would have to dump all that I have now to get it.
The more aircraft that you have in your folder the longer it takes to load the sim (mine takes a long time) but it doesn't have any effect on the sim itself just the loading time.

With all the new parts that you are getting you're going to have one beautiful setup.


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I upgraded my comp from AMd 64 1.74ghz, 512mb ram, 64mb video card to p4 3.2 Ghz, 1Gig ram, 256 mb video memmory. Let me tell you, its awesome ! smooth as a smoothie.....

Sometiemes ram itself doesn't do any good if your processor can't keep up and the bus speed is low.

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