Dash8 has a short practical range of only 600 Nm (at most)

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First of all would like to thank

Barry Blaisdell, Jean-Pierre Brisard,
Bob May, Kevin Pardy and Danny Crance
Premier Aircraft Design

for an excellent package {dch8_5ex.zip}.

I was wondering if anyone had some info on the expected range of a fully loaded Dash8? I have found this FSX sim model has only a 600 Nm at best range. Maybe I am not operating it correctly?

Here is the chart I compiled after hours of enjoyment and flight testing it. [214 kB]

Here is a picture of final to NTGQ [ 105 kB]

Here is a A3 map of central pacific I made years ago. It stretches from Queensland (bottom left) to Mexico (top right). [207 kB]

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Is this what you wanted.



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Thanks RadarMan for the link

The specs given in the download .Txt file: -

DASH8-300 Spec's from Jane's "All the Worlds Aircraft" Book

Wingspan: 90 FT
Length : 85'-3"
Height : 24.7 FT
Weight : Empty 25,836 lbs / Maximum Take off 43,000 lbs
Speeds : Max Cruise 287 Kts TAS / Stall Speed with Flaps 72kts.
Power : Two 2,500 SHP P&W Canada PW123B Turboshaft Engines
Propellers: Hamilton Standard 14SF-23 four-blade, reversible pitch
Fuel : 840 US Gal
Range : 954 Nautical Miles
Max Rate of Climb: 1,600 FPM at SL.
Service Ceiling : 25,000 ft


The specs given in the link that RadarMan supplied: - -

_____________________ _________________ _______________________

spec metric english
_____________________ _________________ _______________________

wingspan 27.43 meters 90 feet
wing area 56.21 sq_meters 605 sq_feet
length 25.68 meters 84 feet 3 inches
height 7.49 meters 24 feet 7 inches

empty weight 11,665 kilograms 25,720 pounds
max loaded weight 18,640 kilograms 41,100 pounds

cruising speed 530 KPH 330 MPH / 285 KT
service ceiling 4,115 meters 13,500 feet
range 1,525 kilometers 950 miles / 825 NMI
_____________________ _________________ _______________________

notice the huge difference between the service ceilings ???

The ranges supplies in the specs are considerably more than the practical range with the FSX sim

?? ?? ??

Is there a way to tweak the fuel consumption in the config file?


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Wow !
That is a very good portal in MSDN. I never new that existed.
Thanks RadarMan

Give me time to explore

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Let us know what you do that helps.
Good luck!


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Yes! I found the appropriate setting and changed it. It works! That MSDN link was very handy. Thanks

engine_type = 5 //0=Piston, 1=Jet, 2=None, . . .
Engine.0 = -28.4, -13.3, 2.7 //(feet) longitudinal, later . .
Engine.1 = -28.4, 13.3, 2.7 //(feet) longitudinal, latera . .
fuel_flow_scalar = 1.1 //Scalar for fuel flow eff . .
min_throttle_limit = -0.25 //Minimum percent throttl . .

I change fuel_flow_scalar = 0.7

and it seems to have given the Dash about a 950 Nm practical range. That's fantastic.

At one stage I was very frustrated because, even though I was an Administrator, I could not change the
SimObjects\Aircraft\<dash 8>\aircraft.cfg
file, and I had set that folder's properties to Read/Write.
After some time I realised that I needed to rightmouse click on the [NotePad] icon and choose [Run as Administrator] . . . . . then I was able to save as expected.

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Glad that you were able to use something from that page.
Happy flying!


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