Is this the Northern Lights?

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I found these over the atlantic, as i was over Iceland i *think*

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crosscheck9 Guest

i think they are, you might have to check with the others, but i made a google search, and so thats where i got my reasoning. lol, always trust google.

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

I have seen the same thing over Alaska and Canada. Isn't it like the Auroa Belesaris or something like that?

Guest Ed Guest

Yeah, that's it! I've seen it flying around Iceland, and around Alaska as well.

Besides seeing the Aurora in flight sim, my wife and I saw it in real life one time during a flight from Anchorage to Seattle during January. I'd have to say that the sim version compares very favorably to the real thing. Only difference I remember is that in the sim it's mostly green and gold colors, but the real thing had a lot of red in it, like red satin draperies blowing in the wind. Very cool to watch.


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PierreL Trainee

Looks like FlightSim has another goody with this.
Check for other pictures of Aurora Borealis at

and for a video

There are several videos on this site.

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jelami First Officer

Yeah, that's the northern lights, not totally unrealistic. See them a lot looking over Lake Ontario towards Canada. Sometimes it looks like rows of ribbon candy, sometimes blotches of colors, green, whitish, orange, you name it. One time I saw it, it was spiraling strands of pale green all converging on a central area (a vortex?) I thought i was watching some kind of rip in the space time continuom(sp) on a Star Trek episode.

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