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Have downloaded the Beagle Airedale from flyawaysimulation. Is this an FSX only aircraft? The readme and description aren't that clear. I think the original upload came from ausflightsim.net which no longer exists. The aircraft can be selected in FS2004 but the 2 included textures won't show, I get an unpainted aeroplane. The texture files are in DDS DXT3 format. I'm not much of an expert on texture types so I was wondering if there is a way of converting the textures into a type to fit the aircraft. If I save the existing texture as, say, an extended bitmap DXT3 format the textures appear but don't fit the aircraft, so the wheel is on the tail etc. Anyone help?

I'm only looking to add the Airedale as an AI aircraft in FS2004.

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Now sorted with help from the CalClassics team. I was on the right track when I converted the textures but didn't realise they were inverted. Fixed that and I now have an textured Airedale for FS2004.

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Feels good repairing it yourself.
Way to go!


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