FS2004 and FSX on the same machine?

AnthonyG Guest

Does anyone know if you can run FS2004 and FSX on the same computer. I wanna put FS2004 back on purely to fly concorde, and I don't wanna uninstall FSX as I have it set up in just the way I like!

Are there any conflicts of files that anyone knows of? When it comes to remove FS2004, I'll remove it manually to make sure no FSX files are touched.

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Wing-man First Officer

Yes, you can run both FSX and FS9 on the same machine 😉 . I've removed FSX and had no conflicts keeping FS9, but if your going to remove FS9 manually, then I dont see a problem. 😉

NSX Guest

I have FS 2004 and FSX on my machine. No problem at all!
I just play 2004 anyway....

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I have both on the same machine and have had no problems.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

From MS' point of view it would be lousy business sense if the two sims installed on the same HDD would cause conflicts.

To think otherwise borders on paranoia.

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