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I've just downloaded the 'Wiga' package, and the aircraft are fine from the outside, but, from the inside, all the windows are solid black with no outside view. Can anyone help me with a fix for this, please?

I'm using Windows 10, if that has any impact.

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If this is what you downloaded:


It doesn't say that it is for Steam.
Some aircraft work in Steam but it seems that this one doesn't.


Robert Ellis Guest


Its this version, which includes the Steam version.

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Good find!

It may be too graphic Intensive for your video card.
Test it by shutting off the autogen, shadows, clouds and AI slides.
The Sim will look terrible but we want to see if the aircraft looks better.


Robert Ellis Guest

I have tried that and it makes no difference. I do have a fair collection of downloaded aircraft and they all run fine on my rig.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Black textures seem to be a DirectX issue. Many of the aircraft (mainly freeware) were not compatible with DX10 mode.

This article may be helpful:

... read the section regarding DX10.

Also, this may be even more helpful:

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