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FS Radio Panel Connection issue

Adrian.Veale Guest

Hi Guys

I am using FSX and chose to use the App from Tambucho, FS Radio Panel Pro. This was running perfectly and I was running 2 tablets and two old mobile phones all with different screens to aid my experience.

These were working well and operate using a local network. The other week the PC changed its IP address and i changed it in the settings on all the devices and all was well. Last week the IP address changed again and now despite entering the new IP address nothing connects.

I have reloaded the server software (FS Panel Server) and reloaded the apps from the play store but still no connection.

This is doing my head in.

Any thoughts please.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Unless someone here is using this app and can help, I would contact them for help.
See bottom of their page.


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