Wilco Fleet : CRJ 2004?

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I know that you have this addon, GPS-kid, but as a general question: have any of you had the opportunity to try this aircraft, and if so, how well is it modeled? A helpful comparison would be to the PMDG 737 or flight1's Dash-8, but any comments are helpful.

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It's funny that you ask that because the flight model is probably one of the best aspects of Wilco CRJ 2004 - it really is fab to hand fly and one of those planes where you hold off plugging the AP in until way into the climb!

I would rate the flight model as better than 737NG and on a par with the realism that you feel with Captain Sim 727 (although a totally different type of plane).

I would say about the CRJ sim, the same as REAL CRJ pilot's have said - it's an airliner that feels more like a fighter jet ! Real nimble, light, and well weignted.

Hopefully other CRJ owners will reply so you get some other views.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Thank you GPS-kid, I knew you'd come through, and I really do respect your judgement when it comes to planes.

Actually, instead of buying the CRJ though, I bought Feel-There's ERJ-145! I'll post a more detailed review in the forum after I give it a good excercize. Since they had such a good start with the smaller jets (with the CRJ package), I figured that they can only get better! It's exciting, because this is the first time I think i'm actually flying a plane that has only been released within the past week!

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Cool ! You can help me as I bought it too (ERJ 145) and the HEADING mode within the AP seems to be failing for me.

I checked out the FeelThere forum but it wasn't much help - they seem to be saying that the ERJ is the most Joystick sensitive plane ever made for FS and the problems are due to "Joystick Noise" - they're suggesting increasing the NULL ZONES in the Joystick settings..... have you had to do this ?

If you've any idea what's causing this it would be cool ! It's such a great looking plane and panel !

[comment added to posting : Increasing Joystick Sensitivities NULL ZONES solves all of the aobve issues on tis great add-on].

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