Problems - FSX Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 Mega-Pack

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I cant download this pack despite the detailed instructions.

First of all i don't have a file (mine is In general, I haven't been able to install any new planes for ages. They just simply don't load into FSX.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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These are repaints (textures) of the default aircraft.
You have to follow the detailed directions closely or...nothing.
Reread the detailed instructions and try again.

If you are looking for a nice single aircraft try this.


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ghostlysauce606 Trainee

Thank you, I'll give that a go.

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ghostlysauce606 Trainee

Thanks for that link which loaded up easily.

Do you have any links for similar North American/Canadian branded planes which have virtual cockpits please?

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ghostlysauce606 Trainee

thank you very much, I'll take a look.

much appreciated.

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