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Vern Fernandez Guest

Hi, a few months ago FSX started stuttering. It happened randomly overnight. One day it was fine, next day it wasn't. No updates or anything that could alter my computer of FSX were done around this time.
The stuttering looks like the game is jumping around and merging/ghosting between frames weirdly, such that it bears resemblance to a very low framerate (but a bit different) however my frame rate is at and always has been at between 30-60 fps on nearly max settings. Can anyone offer help?
I have already tried the following to no result:

Reinstalling FSX

Updating drivers

Lowering settings (resulted in higher framerate, but fps was originally good anyway, and had no effect on the issue, which still remained even up into the 100s of frames per second)

Changing NVidia settings

Full screening the sim

Turning VSync on

Limiting the FPS to various values, both internally and externally of the sim.

Video attatched, effect seen is exactly how it appears in game and is not due to compression of the video.

Thanks a lot, fsx is unplayable now!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Try locking your FPS at 20 and see how it works.


Vern Fernandez Guest

No, as I mentioned, I have tried limiting to certain FPS, even as low as 10, which doesn't decrease the stuttering, it just makes it worse by layering the stuttering AND low frame-rate. The issue is certainly less noticeable at higher fps (60 ish) but it is still there.

Before the issue started my computer could give me 45 fps on nearly max settings at busy airports (I don't know how tbh, it's not even that highly rated) but I always had the fps limiter at 32 for consistency reasons. It never stuttered and was always smooth.

While a fix would be brilliant, I also want to know why this would have suddenly started occurring with no external influence. All my other games are unaffected and still run fine.

Thanks anyway though.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

All I can think of is that your computer is overheating, FSX is very graphic intensive and puts a strain on an older machine.
Try cleaning it especially the CPU and video card fans.


Vern Fernandez Guest

nope. Not that either. Computer can be turned off overnight, booted up and straight into fsx. Stuttering immediately when loaded, and CPU is only at less than half max temp.

I guess I'll have to keep looking. Or wait and see what someone else comes up with.

Thanks for the suggestions

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Sorry, cleaning and reseating the cards and ram usually solves many problems.
Dust come from nowhere to gum up a computer.
Good luck!


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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

Have you installed new graphics card drivers recently? Nvidia or AMD? Perhaps Windows did an auto-update?

Vern Fernandez Guest

Someone else mentioned that, I'll have to try backdating the drivers someway.

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