Prepar3D - Possible to change the Aircraft in a Mission?

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I just acquired Prepar3D and enjoy flying imported missions with my favorite aircraft, Maryadi's CV-22. Is there a workaround in Prepar3D where I can, essentially, modify a mission with a different airfract than the one it was designed for?
Thank you in advance,
John Schiller

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See if this helps.

Tick the box on the main Missions page that says "Allow Changes in Missions ..." before you load the mission. After you do that, the Select Aircraft ... menu item will be visible inside the mission and you can switch aircraft before taking off. The caveat: You won't earn a Reward even if you successfully complete the mission


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I'm sorry, but I don't see the option to change aircraft anywhere in v4.5.13 which I am using. Is there any other way to use custom aircraft in a scenerio?

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Three choices if they apply.
Look for the check box under the list of missions. If you check this, it will enable changes in missions. When you are in the mission, you should be able to select another aircraft.

click on "Enable changes in Selected Mission (no rewards given)" on the mission selection screen if you don't mind not receiving any rewards. Clicking "Enable changes..." will allow you to select a different aircraft once the mission has loaded.

You could edit the .FLT file in the mission folder to specify your EC135. Search the .FLT file for this string: sim.0This is where the name of the aircraft that the mission is designed for is specified. Get the correct name of the aircraft from the aircraft.cfg file of your EC135 to use a specific livery.


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Great. Thank you very much. Will try it.

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Hello John,

It's great to hear that you're enjoying Prepar3D and Maryadi's CV-22. To answer your question, yes, it's possible to change the aircraft in a mission, but you'll need to do some tweaking with the mission files. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. First, locate the mission file you want to modify. Mission files can typically be found in the following directory:

    %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Files

    The mission file should have a .FLT (Flight) extension.

  2. Before making any changes, create a backup of the original mission file, so you can revert to the default settings if needed.
  3. Open the .FLT file using a text editor like Notepad.
  4. Locate the [Sim.0] section in the file. You'll find a line that starts with Sim= , followed by the aircraft's title as defined in its aircraft.cfg file.
  5. Replace the existing aircraft title with the desired aircraft's title. In your case, you'll want to use the title of Maryadi's CV-22. You can find the title by opening the aircraft.cfg file for the CV-22, which should be located in the following directory:

    %PROGRAMFILES%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes

    Look for a section that starts with [fltsim.x], where 'x' is a number. Inside this section, you'll find a line that starts with title= . Copy the title and replace the aircraft title in the mission's .FLT file.

  6. Save the modified .FLT file and close the text editor.
  7. Finally, restart Prepar3D and load the mission to verify if the aircraft change was successful.

Please note that changing the aircraft might affect the mission's objectives, triggers, or performance. Some missions may have been designed specifically for the original aircraft, so swapping it with a different one could lead to unexpected behavior or difficulties in completing the mission.

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