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Missing / Corrupt Files

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When starting FSX I get 2 dialog boxes relating to missing or corrupt files.  How they got this way, I have no idea.  The dialog boxes read:

SCENERY.CFG file error.  Invalid Remote scenery path in scenery Area 110. Click OK to continue.

SCENERY.CFG file error.  Local scenery directory (..\..\..\users\customer\desktop\Margarita Fsx\SCENERY) in scenery area 123 not found.  Click OK to continue,

In both cases the program will continue to boot and be useable by clicking OK.  My question is: Can these files be replaced and/or fixed?  If so, how?

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If they are default files then you can just put disk 1 into your caddy and run repair.
They are most likely add-on scenery that you loaded at some time.
You would have to find that download scenery that you added and see if you can find the missing files in them.
Personaly I have had that in some installs of FSX on my computers, I just hit OK like you did and continued.
The chance of your noticing them missing while you fly is very small.


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Other choice is to open the scery.cfg file and search for the files
2. search for the offending items eg Area.123 in notepad or notepad++ note the period between the Area and the number.
3. remove the offending areas eg
                Title=UK2000 Birmingham Xtreme
                 local=D:\FSX\UK2000 Scenery\UK2000 Birmingham Xtreme

4. Save file

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