First time user can anyone help

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I have just downloaded a DeHavilland Twin sea otter saved it and opened it with winzip. There was two folders "Aircraft" & "Gauges" I put both the folders into FS2004 aircraft and gauges folders. When I open FS2004 and try to select the aircraft I cant find it.
Can anyone please help 😞

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😕 Sounds like you have do everything right
Check whats inside the otter aircraft folder,it should be panel,model,sound and texture and maybe a readme note

As for the gauges open the folder and copy or put them dirrectly in to the folder

Check that aircraft folder

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I've got that plane! It should work as you described your installation...

You should check your aircraft folder for the usual panel,model,sound and texture...

In the game, when you select an aircraft. you've got a folder of De Havilland, which includes the "Comet". But the Sea Otter you downloaded is also from De Havilland, but it's not in the same folder.

Your Sea Otter is in a different foler. It's in the folder called DeHavilland (without space). If you can't see the plane in this folder the installation probably failed..

Good Luck,

Let me know if you need more help...

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I'm new here, I've just downloaded some aircraft and was wondering if ATC would also recognize the new planes?

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As long as the designer put it into the aircraft CFG file it will recognize it.
I get a few that say "experimental" then I know that's me.


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Thanks Boomshiko managed to down some aircraft working OK 😀

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