747 acts very very slowly, so you actually can not fly


I installed the Ifly 747 just to test it. I am already a Ifly737 user with hard and software.
But with all the actions I set in motion there is a very very slow respons, so you can't really fly this plane.
Installed on a windows10 system with a onboard videocard (256Mb). But it schould work on this machine?

Kind regards,
Peter de Roo

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The problem sounds as if it's the video card.
Try lowering (left) the slides of autogen, shadows, AI and clouds.
That may help the aircraft by diverting the cards "power" to it from the other four I mentioned.
Let us know how you do.



Thanks for the quick response. I will try the things you mentiond. But I will buy a new video card anyway.
I let you know.

Peter de Roo


Thanks!  That was the trick that did it. All set to the left! Now for sure I buy a new videocard.

Peter de roo

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Glad it showed you where the problem lies.
Get the best card you can, if your card was that weak then the computer isn't up to running the Sim full out.
Play with the slides when you get the new card until you like what you see.

Thanks for letting us know, it helps other members.


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