Free Mesh Global 2.0 ???

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I would appreciate the help on this, I've already tried what other topics in the forum state. I' ve installed each continent and patches folders in the /Add On Scenery and /Add On Scenery/scenery folders, using Add Area and following the blank space rule. I just don't see any difference in terrain (not what you see on the video) Am I missing another option? Uncheck Direct X 10 Preview or increasin Mesh Resolution?

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Many ideas have been found.
I'll list here.FSX INSTALLATION.FSX... Settings... "Other Settings", Scenery Library... Scroll down until you see the names of the 9/10 Scenery Area names ie. Oceana, Africa, etc... Remove or delete original files... Click "Add Area"... Add the files download and replace them with the current ones... Save... and it should work.

 No, all you have to do is open the cfg. when it asks where ( in notebook) and put in the next number as directed in this tutorial. If it doesn't show up stay in that tab and put a checkmark in "show all variations".


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Thank you the repy. I haven't tried that. Will do and I'll let you know. Thanks again

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