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Hey guys, Feeling a bit nostalgic so I decided to install FS2004 on my PC, got through to disk 4 and 90% when an error occurred, file is missing. I have been through every forum and the downloads that are available are all broken/old (2004-2011 earliest). If someone could please upload it you would be a life saver. Many thanks,Jamie

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Put disk 4 in your dvd caddy.
Go to the caddy, right click on it and click on open.
Look for the missing cab, pick it off the disk and put it into the main 2004 folder.
Then try to continue.
You can also try to put disk 1 in and choose repair.


Jamie54321 Guest

Ive already tried that,I opened up the DVD folder, found the world file and tried to move it to a different folder located in my downloads. It gets to around 10-15% and crashes Sad

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Either choose repair on disk 1 or load the Sim overitself again.
Disable your antivirus and see if it will load.
Reboot after disabling it.
Don't forget to enable it after you finish. Don't disable your firewall.

If you have any DVD burning software like Roxio, remove it from your computer, I seem to remember a problem with it way back when.



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