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I've looked everywhere to try and find a video tutorial on the FS2020 Garmin 1000 loaded into the Beechwood Baron and have been unable to do so.  I'm hoping this community can either point me in the right direction or help with a few questions.

How do you program an elevation into the Garmin?  The elevation dial has been removed from the bottom left side and now I don't see a way to enter it.  I've checked the Garmin site for the manual and the dial is on the real Garmin.
How do you add a STAR to your flight while already in flight?   Flying a 4-5 hour flight, I don't want to add it before I leave and want to add it when I'm about an hour from landing.

I'm new to the Glass cockpit thing, so if someone had a comprehensive video on this FS2020 Garmin, I'd really appreciate getting a link to it.

Thanks in advance.


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See if this helps.


Ian - Guest Guest

If you look to the bottom left corner of the video, at the 4 min mark you see him adjusting the altitude on a dial that is not on the FS2020 version.   Thanks for the try, but this is why I'm looking for a FS2020 tutorial.

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With the 2020 Sim just coming out a few days ago it will be a while before you see any tutorials.


Ian - Guest Guest

I'm sure you're right, just  wondered if anyone has figured this out so far.  It very well maybe just this aircraft as I've since flown another aircraft and the button/dial on the G1000 there is the on the C172.

Still trying also to figure out how to enter Stars.

I'll keep looking...thx 

Leroy Robbins Guest

There is a excellent tutorial for X-Plane 11 on the G1000. Just Google it, free download. I used it in MSFS and it seemed to work fine. Some aircraft are set up with a different version of the G1000 and you have to experiment with different buttons.

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Sure thing, I'm more than happy to offer you a step-by-step guide for working with the FS2020 Garmin 1000 in the Beechwood Baron, particularly regarding inputting an elevation and adding a STAR in-flight. Although I don't have a video tutorial to link to, hopefully, you'll find this text-based tutorial helpful.

Firstly, let's address programming elevation. It might seem tricky at first, given the dial removal in the MSFS 2020 version, but it's actually integrated within the system in a slightly different way.

  • Elevation Setting: Access the 'PFD' (Primary Flight Display) menu by pressing the 'FPL' button on the Garmin 1000. Navigate to the 'Altitude' option and enter the required elevation using the on-screen keyboard. Keep in mind that in reality, autopilot systems often control elevation, and this is represented accurately in the simulator.

Now, let's move onto adding a STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) while in flight. This can be especially useful for long flights where you might want to adjust your arrival strategy based on updated information.

  • Adding a STAR In-Flight: First, hit the 'PROC' (Procedure) button on your Garmin 1000. Select 'Select Arrival' and then choose the airport and the STAR you want to follow. Confirm your selection, and the STAR will be integrated into your flight plan. Remember to also select your transition, if applicable.

As you are new to the Glass Cockpit, I would recommend spending some time practicing these operations in a non-stressful, non-time-limited scenario to build up your confidence and familiarity with the system.

Although I don't have a video tutorial for the FS2020 Garmin, there are many fantastic resources available online. I'd recommend searching on YouTube for user-generated tutorials, as well as looking at the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums where users often share helpful tips and guides.

Remember, flight simulation is about learning as much as it is about flying, and each session brings a wealth of new experiences and knowledge. Take it one step at a time, and you'll soon be a pro with the Garmin 1000.

Happy flying!


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