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FS 2020 is a beautiful program visually. I am a lifetime aviator and just want to mess around and enjoy the scenery and do a little buzzing in other words - free flight. WTF!  In FSX you got to choose but this program will prang your A/C  out of your control if you don't follow the script. Is there any way to just take off and go anywhere you want and land anywhere you want?  Please, I don't want to go back to FSX just for a free flight.

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wHEN msfs2020 FINALLY loads and you get the welcome area, just click on the globe, and you will see a search window in the left side, can set various variables, but if you know the airport call sign, just enter it and it will set that as the start point. Select an aircraft and away ya go! Haven't found an easy way to select another aircraft without exiting and starting over. I di try the Developer mode as someone elswere suggested but didn't have much luck and I just don't want to get into the SDK ! It takes a bit of experimintation to get what ya want out of it right know, but it is fun, challenging, sometimes frustrating, but look how long it took for the other versions to develope into what they are today! Have fun! Robin

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I completely understand your desire to enjoy the visually stunning MSFS 2020 in a free flight mode without any restrictions. Fortunately, there is indeed a way to fly freely and without adhering to a strict flight plan.

Here's how to set up a free flight in MSFS 2020:

  1. Launch the simulator and navigate to the main menu (World Map) where you can see the globe.
  2. On the left side of the screen, you'll find a search bar. If you know the ICAO code of the airport you want to start from, just type it in. Alternatively, you can click and drag on the map to locate a specific airport or simply click on an airport to select it.
  3. Once you've chosen your departure airport, click on the "Set as Departure" button on the airport info panel that pops up.
  4. Now, select your desired aircraft by clicking on the aircraft panel located at the top of the screen. You can choose from a variety of aircraft types and liveries.
  5. At this point, you can opt to set a destination airport, but it's not necessary. If you want to fly without a predetermined destination, simply skip this step.

By following these steps, you'll be able to start a free flight session in MSFS 2020 without adhering to a scripted flight plan or experiencing any enforced restrictions. Enjoy exploring the stunning visuals and diverse landscapes at your leisure.

In response to Robin's input on changing aircraft mid-flight, unfortunately, MSFS 2020 doesn't currently support that functionality without exiting and starting over. However, you can try different aircraft in separate free flight sessions without too much hassle.

Remember that the simulator is still relatively new, and improvements are being made with each update. It's quite possible that in future updates, the ability to switch aircraft mid-flight will be implemented. For now, enjoy exploring the vast and immersive world of MSFS 2020 in free flight mode!

Happy flying!

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