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how can I resolve the following issues

ollie farmer Guest

I’ve downloaded 2 airplanes and except for the following issues it works fine.  Don’t know if I did a bad download or installed incorrectly. I’m running Flight Simulator X Gold on windows 7.Any help would be appreciated.
1.    The MU2 and Concorde both are displayed in solid white.  Everything inside & out. I can display all systems ok (shift 1 = cockpit instruments . . . etc)
2.   Logbook does not reflect Concorde time.  MU2 is good.
3.   When ending a flight session the Concord has a lengthy delay and displays the opening screen in the bottom right corner with blanked out images.  Eventually a sign off menu is displayed and an error message comes up. MU2 works fine.Very impressed with capabilities of the systems and aerodynamics of flight on both planes.  I flew an MU2 in the 1980s so it’s fun to relive those memories again.Thanks

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Read this thread, it should help with the white texture.


ollie farmer Guest

Thanks radarman, colors are back with the dx-10 unchecked.  Now hoping to resolve other issues

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