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The first thing I did after buying, installing, and running FS2020 for the first time was look for missions like FSX has.  Took me a minute to realize there are none.  I'm so very sad.  The missions were totally the best part of FSX so I just don't understand why there are none in FS2020.

I know there are a few "Activities" but they don't compare to all the really fun, interesting, and challenging array of missions FSX offered.  Like flying a JANET 737 full of government workers to the Area 51 base while being buzzed by UFOs or investigating an ancient temple in the Amazon Rainforest in a Grumman Goose and having to get back and land while dealing with multiple failures.  It's the main reason I still play FSX today because they're so much fun and challenging. 

Sightseeing around the world is cool but it just feels kinda pointless.  Kinda reminds me of Star CItizen where there's this huge beautiful world to sightsee and explore but not much else to do.  Or like if GTA5 didn't have any storyline or missions to do.  Sure, it's fun to run/drive around and shoot stuff in a big open world but would get old very quickly.

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?  Does anyone know if they plan on adding more "Activities" or hopefully some real missions to do in the future? 

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Jcdenton115 Guest

I am of totally the same opinion, I like the game it is occasionally jaw dropping but there is a part of me just wished it had included the missions. Feels a little pointless like what have I achieved  after flying across the Atlantic in 2020 some stats. I want challenges like rescue a rhino fly a dc3 in the Congo for 45 mins low level land a 747 with no engines after a test. These things I will remember for decades. Landing in donegal I will not. 


Mindstrange Guest

I am in agreement with you, main reason I wanted this one. really sucks.

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Hi there,

I can definitely understand your perspective and how the absence of missions in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020) may leave you feeling a bit underwhelmed compared to your experience with FSX. The new flight simulator focuses primarily on realism, the vast world environment, and the flight dynamics, which may not cater to everyone's preferences for more engaging and structured content like missions.

While it's true that MSFS 2020 doesn't have the same kind of missions FSX offered, there are still some things you can do to enhance your experience:

  • Bush Trips: Although not the same as missions, these guided VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights allow you to explore remote and challenging locations with the help of a navigation log.

  • Landing Challenges: Test your piloting skills by landing at some of the world's most challenging airports.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Fly alongside other virtual pilots, join group flights, or participate in events organized by the community.

Moreover, the developers of MSFS 2020 have been releasing updates and enhancements to the sim, and there's always the possibility that they may introduce more activities or even missions in the future. Alternatively, you can also look forward to the community of developers and third-party content creators who are known for creating various types of missions, scenarios, and challenges for flight simulators. Be sure to keep an eye on the official MSFS forums and popular websites like Fly Away Simulation for updates and announcements regarding new content.

In the meantime, you can always continue to enjoy FSX's missions, as it remains a fantastic flight simulator with a dedicated fan base. It's not just you who feels this way; many simmers have expressed similar sentiments about the lack of structured content in MSFS 2020. Hopefully, the developers will take this feedback into account and continue to improve the sim with more engaging content.

Happy flying!

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