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Just got the MS FS2020 on a high-end gaming computer and have the Saitek yoke and controls and the pedals. When I am running the descent on the simulator, the Saitek controls suddenly seem to disconnect from the sim, and the plane crashes.  I updated all of the drivers, and checked all the controls before the flight but, every time, it stops working, and the plane crashed. 

can anyone tell me what or why this is happening?

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Try cheanging it to a different USB outlet on your computer not on a periferal USB hub.
I have the same setup and even when plugged in  sometimes it just dies.


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What you're experiencing is not uncommon, and several factors could be contributing to this issue.

Controller Profile Compatibility: (The pre-configured mapping of the control inputs in MSFS2020 to the hardware devices) MS FS2020 may not always be compatible with older hardware profiles. One solution to this might be to create a new profile manually for your Saitek controls.

Power Supply Issues: (Concerns about the ability of the USB port to provide enough power to run the controls.) If the Saitek controls draw too much power, the USB port might not be able to handle it, causing the controls to disconnect. This is especially common with more complex yoke and pedal systems. You may consider getting a self-powered USB hub to ensure the controls have a sufficient power supply.

Conflict with Background Applications: (Software applications running on your computer in the background that may interfere with the simulator.) Some third-party software may conflict with MS FS2020 and the Saitek controls. You might want to ensure no other applications are running in the background while you are playing.

USB Port and Driver Compatibility: (The ability of the USB port and its software driver to work with the Saitek controls.) Sometimes, a certain USB port or the drivers might not be fully compatible with the Saitek controls, even if they appear to be working fine initially. Trying different USB ports or reinstalling drivers may solve the issue.

To create a new profile for your Saitek controls, go to the Controls Options menu in MS FS2020. Here you can add, delete, and adjust control profiles. Remember to test your new profile extensively before trying a complete flight.

If you decide to get a self-powered USB hub, make sure it is a reputable brand and can deliver sufficient power to your Saitek controls. You may find suitable options on retail websites like Amazon.

To check for background applications, you can use the Task Manager in Windows (accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc). Close any unnecessary applications running in the background while you are playing.

For USB port issues, I recommend trying each port on your PC to see if any work better than others. If you still experience issues, you might want to look at updating your USB drivers. This can usually be done via the manufacturer's website or through Windows Device Manager.

I hope you find this information helpful. Good luck resolving your issue, and enjoy your flight simulations!

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