P51 Mustang

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P-51 Shadow Spear loaded just fine but when you go to take off it will not leave the ground.  I use a mouse ball to control the plane and have a very prowerful computer any ideas ?

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It sounds to me that your video card isn't strong enough.
Try lowering some of your slides (autogen, shadows, clouds and AI.
This will tranfer power to the sims video card.
Instead of the mouse, get a joystick, much easier.
If you must, use these keyboard commands to fly...print it out.

Controls/Keyboard Commands for FSX (flyawaysimulation.com)


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Craig Sheffield (Headspin) Trainee

Almost the same issue. The P-51, in my case, will take off, but during any climb, the engine cuts out, and no matter what I do, I cannot restart it. I have even landed, and no start. I use a joystick with 10 buttons and a yoke, and this is the only plane that I have any trouble with.

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