Cannot adjust almost ALL instrument values in FS2020 in ALL

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I am going barking mad with this problem. I am a licensed pilot, so I know how to adjust instruments, but in FS2020, they just go mad.

This happens in ALL adjustable areas, Hdg, Alt, Nav radios, etc. Let's just take one example, the set altitude adjustment.  Trivial eh? just use the ALT knob to increase or decrease it and select ALT hold.  Well on my system as soon as I touch the adjuster, the altitude goes off by itself, increasing or decreasing endlessly.  I click on the reverse direction, it goes off again in that direction.  The hdg is even more fun, it makes the A/C go around in circles forever, chasing the hdg bug.

It makes any form of instrument or autopilot operations totally impossible.

I have an I7 4700, 16GB of brand new Fast'ish RAM, and an Nvidia GTX980 Graphics card, but am only seeing around 22 or so FPS, but whatever changes I make to the system, this problem continues.

Please anyone, can you tell me how to make it stop this crazy behavior. ?

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See if this is of any help.


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Thanks fo rthat, but I do know how to set it up, if only the damned controls would stop going off on their own all the time.

It hppens in all sorts of aircraft, not just one, and I have even resorted to going back to the basic low res setup to see if that helps, in case my hardware can't cope, but it didn't help either..

I7 - 4700K (8 cores) 16GB brand new Renegade RAM, GTX 980 grpahics card, so it is acceptable according to M$$$$.

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Hello chopperaddict,

Your frustration is palpable and trust me, you're not alone. The issue you're facing seems to be a common one that plagues even some of the most seasoned flight sim enthusiasts. I will try my best to help you sort this out.

Firstly, from my knowledge, these problems could be attributed to a number of factors, and I'll list them as follows:

  1. Control Settings: The FS2020 has an in-depth and sometimes complicated control system. A possibility is that there's a conflict between control inputs or a problem with the control configuration itself. It might be worth revisiting your control settings and even trying a different input device to rule out any hardware related issues. Also, make sure that no other programs are interfering with your input devices.
  2. Graphics Settings: You mentioned that your FPS is around 22. While this isn't necessarily related to your control issue, the FS2020 experience is highly tied to its graphics performance. You might want to experiment with different graphic settings and see if that influences your overall experience.
  3. Software Bug: This is a slightly less technical point but still worth mentioning. Occasionally, software bugs can cause erratic behavior, especially in complex applications like FS2020. If the problem persists even after trying the above points, this could be a software bug and might need to be reported to the developers.
  4. System Compatibility: Although you've stated your specs and they seem to meet the requirements, it wouldn't hurt to double-check with the FS2020 system requirements. Unpredicted behavior can sometimes be the result of system incompatibility issues.

You've already tried going back to the basic low-res setup, so let's focus more on the controls and inputs for now.

Just to better understand your issue, when you say the controls 'go off on their own,' are you referring to the ALT knob itself moving, or the values changing while the ALT knob remains static? If it's the latter, it could be a control mapping problem. An incorrectly mapped control input could be sending constant signals to FS2020, which results in these continuous changes.

To troubleshoot, let's dive into your Control Options menu.

  1. Make sure you're in the ALL section, which shows you all the controls that are currently mapped.
  2. Search for the functions (like 'Increase Altitude' or 'Decrease Altitude') that are causing problems and check the inputs assigned to them. It might be useful to check if there's any overlap or if a particular input device is causing the issue.
  3. Once you've done that, unmap these inputs and test the simulator. If the issue persists, then we've at least ruled out one possible cause.

Lastly, it might be worth checking the autopilot settings of the aircraft you're using. Some aircraft have unique autopilot systems and might behave differently from what you're used to.

I hope this helps, and remember, every problem has a solution. I know it's easier said than done, but try to be patient, and we'll work through this together.

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