Errors with downloading FSX weather

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I have been having trouble downloading weather on FSX for quite some time. I found this forum about folks giving input on files to download for fixes. I went to the FSXWX site and installed the FSXWX client as well as the mapping.bin and cloud texture in the weather file for the game, restarted the game but still getting the weather download error. Any sugestions other suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm quite sure that Microsoft discontinued supporting real weather in FSX.
You'll have to get an add-on to simulate weather.


BerLopez Guest

I too downloaded and installed FSWX, fallowed intructions, works like a charm. I simply minimize FSX and doduble click my FSWX icon which is on my desktop Then the sim blincks I ti shows me I have connected to FSUIPC and simconnect and after a short while...I connect with the nearest station then it connects and loads the actual  weather, then i can go tot he airport list and choose active runway.


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